Five Questions You Should Ask Your Property Management Company Before Hiring Them

What Does a Property Management Company Actually Do? Property management companies handle all aspects of rental property management from day-to-day operations to strategic planning and long-term strategy. They are responsible for collecting rents, collecting late fees and other penalties, delivering and collecting payments, maintaining the property and repairing damage or maintaining the physical condition of the property. In short, they're responsible for everything that can be complex and potentially troublesome about managing rental properties. So how do you know whether hiring a property management company is right for you? First of all, don't hire a manager who doesn't have a broad understanding of property management. For example, some property managers specialize in commercial property management while others may have experience managing residential properties. Also, some property managers have extensive experience in leasing, while others may not have enough experience or education to the task.

You will also need to determine what services a property management company offers. Will they send a representative to your premises to collect rent or make repairs? Will they send a representative to your tenant referral program to collect delinquent rents? Will they send a property manager to your office to review your lease agreement and check to see if there are any legal problems or conflicts that may arise between you and your tenant? The more services they offer the more comprehensive your service plan should be. For example, some property management companies charge a one-time fee for an entire tenancy or a fixed monthly amount to handle all tenant needs. The next important thing to consider when hiring a local rentals company is whether or not the firm charges you a referral fee. There are some reputable, trustworthy companies that won't charge a referral fee. Instead, they will give you a percentage of the tenants that the firm successfully moves. If you like the results and know the employees well then you may not mind paying a referral fee. On the other hand, there are some unethical companies that will charge a large referral fee just for referring you to their own realtors.

The final consideration when hiring a property management company is what type of relationship you have with them. Do you find that you easily get along with them or are there times when you are at odds with them because you have different philosophies or opinions? Do the employees treat you with respect and do you feel that you can trust them to properly manage your properties? These are important things to consider before hiring a management company to help you with your rental needs. Hiring a property management company can be an extremely valuable tool for landlords. Property managers have the expertise to deal with emergencies such as damage to the property, unexpected repairs, and routine maintenance issues. They can also take care of your maintenance duties in a timely manner, keep your place in excellent condition, and give you peace of mind with their knowledge and skills. When hiring one of these companies, be sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions so you can feel comfortable hiring them.

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